Top Tips On How To Stay Sober This Spring

friends enjoying spring - alcohol free beer

Lots of people had success with Dry January, which is why Sober Spring has been born, with organisers hoping to encourage people to kick their old habits even beyond the new year. 

Alcohol Change UK has launched its Sober Spring campaign, giving participants three months off drinking booze from March 20th. This means they can enjoy garden parties without stumbling home, sunbathe in the park without falling asleep and burning, and enjoy the King’s Coronation without an awful hangover over the bank holiday.  

However, these spring/summer events can also make it very tempting to enjoy a glass of crisp white wine, refreshing G&T or fruity Pimms, which is why these tips are designed to help you with your booze-free journey. 


See what you’ll be gaining

Founder of the Sober Girl Society Millie Gooch advises anyone who is taking part in Sober Spring to remember what they’ll be gaining, instead of thinking about what they will be missing out on.

For instance, 60 days without booze will save you a considerable amount of money, which could go towards a holiday by the time summer rolls round.

While this is a big gain, Millie reminds people to look for the smaller wins too: “Whether it’s more time, a calmer mind or all the extra dollar bills.”

This could be a chance to “really connect with your loved ones” she clarifies, which, after the three years everyone has faced since the pandemic, might just be what we need. 


Read inspirational books

Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only person in the world ditching booze, but that is certainly not the case, as sobriety has grown in popularity over the last few years. 

Why not read some great books written by people who have gone through the experience firsthand, so you can gain inspiration and encouragement during challenging moments? Catherine Gray, who came up with Sober Spring, has published her book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, which is well worth a read for some reflection on being booze-free. 

There are also some self-help books and ones with plenty of tips on how to steer clear of alcohol or change your mindset towards booze. So head to the library to find some inspirational literature for those days you need extra support. 


Make alcohol swaps

The great thing about giving up alcohol in 2023 is there is so much more choice when it comes to alcohol-free alternatives than there was even ten years ago. 

You don’t have to drink copious amounts of orange juice (and who would want to?) to keep up with your friends at a BBQ or keep getting in rounds of fizzy pop at a pub garden this spring, as more and more restaurants, pubs and supermarkets are stocking low-alcohol drinks these days. 

If you are worried you won’t be able to find nice tasting beverages, you can stock up on non-alcoholic beer and bring it to your mates’ houses with you. Or you could host an event, such as a BBQ, yourself, so you know you have access to the drinks you like. 

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