We believe there is greatness in all of us, ready to be unleashed into the world!

Fuelled by our own ambitions and shaped by better choices every day, unshackled of hangovers and groggy mornings after.

Brewed with high standards and elevated extras, UNLTD. is your ally for finding your inner greatness and going the extra mile.

So why follow the norm, when you can forge your own path and do things on your own terms? Turning expectations into authentic experiences, and slump into self-fulfilment.

This is modern beer for UNLTD living.

Getting you a step closer to new Aspiring Heights.


Way back when in the summer of 2019 we decided, after some raucous wedding celebrations, to ditch the booze in favour of a healthier lifestyle. Our trip on the wagon lasted 3 months and was life changing. We were sleeping better, arguing less, and seemed to have gained hours in the day too. Was it possible that this was it? A New Age Lifestyle?  

As we pondered on this, Johnny started to truly miss those cold refreshing beers after a long day and went in search for something that would satisfy his cravings. Nothing. He couldn’t find a single beer that suited our new evolving lifestyle. As a direct result of that fruitless quest, we set about a plan. A plan to bring great tasting, low alcohol beer to the masses. A plan to create something we’d be proud to be seen drinking. A plan to help others that were striving for self-betterment. And in June 2020, UNLTD. was born. Low in calories, rich in vitamins and unlimited in possibility our beer provides those little wins that take you further. 

UNLTD. today. UNSTOPPABLE tomorrow.

UNLTD. Founders