Why Spring Is No Time To Hit The Booze

alcohol free beer

Spring is a time of joy for many people who hate cold, dark winter days. The flowers are blooming, Easter is nearing, the cricket season will soon start and the days are getting longer and warmer.

While kids might be getting excited about playing outdoors and devouring chocolate eggs, the consumption on the mind of many adults will be of the alcoholic variety. Whether it is in the beer garden on a sunny day, at a cricket match or even at home when the BBQ is sizzling, there will be lots of outdoor occasions when a hot, thirsty day leads to bottles and cans being opened.

If you are trying to avoid this temptation to fall off the wagon, there is no doubt that alcohol free beer offers your best option. True, there are other alternatives; you could have a soft drink in the pub or at a party, while some cricket grounds even have coffee shops (like that Café Nero at Old Trafford). But if you like beer, there is only one solution that really works. 

The great thing is, you can enjoy a non-alcohol beer and still feel part of the party, without waking up with a sore head the next day. You won’t be one of those folk thrown out of the cricket or staggering home from the pub, while still being able to enjoy the sunshine.

Talking of which, being sober will also help you remember to take care of yourself in other ways as it gets hotter and sunnier. If there is one thing worse than getting a massive hangover on a hot day, it is doing so after being too drunk to remember to put some suncream on and ending up sunburned

After all, you don’t want to have to cover up for days on end as well as having a hangover. That is no way to enjoy the better weather!

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