Get Back On The Health Train After Easter

Get Back On The Health Train After Easter

The Easter bank holiday weekend was a good excuse to enjoy big roasts, lots of cake and, of course, bucketloads of chocolate. While it’s fine to indulge every so often, you might feel ready to ditch the chocolate eggs and get your health mojo back.

If so, read our tips to stick to some healthy habits after the Easter blow-out. 


Drink lots of water

Those who had their fair share of sugar over the last few days will feel sluggish and bloated now. So make sure you hydrate yourself well and flush out those toxins. It is recommended men drink as much as 3.7l and women 2.7l of water a day, so chances are you’re not having enough to keep hydrated!


Get moving

There are two benefits to doing some exercise after Easter - one is to help detox the body, and the other is to distract yourself from all the leftover chocolate in the cupboards. 

You will also get an endorphin rush by exercising, which may mean you don’t seek it out by eating copious amounts of sugar instead. 


Make healthy swaps

There is no point completely restricting yourself after an indulgent weekend, as you’re more likely to give up and binge on those ‘naughty’ foods. Instead, make healthy swaps. For instance, you could swap mini eggs for blueberries, hot cross buns smothered in melted butter for peanut butter cookies made with cocoa, and boozy beverages for non-alcoholic beer. 

While a pint of five per cent strength beer has 239 calories on average, the calorific content is significantly lower if you swap your evening drink. 

Indeed, low-calorie alcohol-free beer has just 23 calories per bottle, meaning you can enjoy a few beverages while on your post-Easter health kick. 

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