Top Tips To Stay Sober This Autumn

Top Tips To Stay Sober This Autumn - UNLTD. Beer

Whether you have been sober for a long time or are simply taking an extended break, it can sometimes be difficult to ditch alcohol entirely, especially if you have social groups that enjoy drinking.

However, whether you want to enjoy the benefits of a sober life or are going sober this October, here are some top tips to keep your strength up as the nights get darker and the days get colder.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

After 18 months of being stuck inside, the last thing you should do is give up being social. Not drinking does not mean not being social at all, and whether you opt for a mocktail, an alcohol-free healthy beer or plan lots of fun activities instead, make sure you stay social.

A support network made up of family members and close friends can provide a sympathetic ear to confide in and help you when you are feeling anxious.

One Day At A Time

Nearly any problem can be broken down into a series of daily challenges that you can focus on one at a time. Every day you stay sober is a success and much like riding a bicycle, once you start it gets easier to keep going.

Reward Yourself

You deserve to spoil and treat yourself, so make sure you dedicate some time to yourself to celebrate. This can be a small treat such as having a long relaxing bath to unwind or perhaps a meal or event day to celebrate the money you saved.

Pick Up A Hobby Or Two

The more distracted we are, the less we focus on alcohol and the better we feel. Whether you adopt a new exercise routine, learn a craft or spend time volunteering, a hobby makes you feel good about yourself.

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