The Rise of Craft Alcohol-Free Beer: A Trend That's Here to Stay

The Rise of Craft Alcohol-Free Beer: A Trend That's Here to Stay

As more and more people opt to reduce their alcohol consumption, the market for non-alcoholic beverages has exploded. While soft drinks and juices have long been the go-to in the past, there's a new trend in town - craft alcohol-free beer.

Once seen as a mere afterthought, low-alcohol or alcohol-free beer has been reinvented by craft brewers who are putting their expertise into creating delicious, nuanced brews that are as flavourful and satisfying as their boozy counterparts.

What's Driving the Trend?


Alcohol-free beer has come a long way in terms of flavour; breweries now focus on producing alcohol-free beers that offer just as much depth and complexity as the alcoholic ones - so much so that it has become very difficult to distinguish between the two.


One of the best things about alcohol-free beer is that it allows people who don't drink alcohol for any reason to feel included in the social aspect of beer drinking. It's an option for designated drivers, gluten-free diets, and people who just don't want to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy the taste of a cold, refreshing beer.


Consumer preference is shifting due to people being more mindful of their drinking choices. Drinking less overall can improve your health, as well as creating better memory and sleeping patterns. Wellbeing has been one of the key drivers for the popularity of initiatives such as Dry January, Sober Spring, and Dry July.

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Craft Beer

Low Calories

Alcohol-free beer is typically lower in calories than standard beer, which makes it a great option for people looking to enjoy a beer without piling on the pounds. Our IPA boasts just 13 calories, and our lager 23 calories per bottle – some of the lowest calorie beers on the market.

Better Hydration

One of the main causes of a hangover is dehydration, and drinking alcohol dehydrates you faster thanks to its diuretic effects. Swapping out the odd full-strength beer for an AF beverage even on a night out could help curve some of tomorrow’s negative effects.


Alcohol-free beer isn't just for drinking on its own; it can be used in cooking, marinades, and even cocktails. Non-alcoholic beer can be used across recipes in the same way any other beer can – and our IPA makes the perfect glaze for a roasted ham.

A Look at the Future

The craft alcohol-free beer industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Experts predict that it will continue to grow as people become more aware of the wellbeing benefits of cutting back on their alcohol intake. In the UK alone, it was estimated that 9 million adults participated in Dry January 2023.

Craft breweries are also expected to continue to innovate and explore new styles and flavours of alcohol-free beer, which will make it even more appealing to people who want to enjoy a beer without compromising on taste.

It’s obvious to us why the rise of craft alcohol-free beer is a trend that's here to stay when it offers a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beer that's low in calories, hydrating, and delicious. Have you unlocked your UNLTD. yet?

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