5 Benefits Of Ditching The Booze!

5 Benefits Of Ditching The Booze! - UNLTD. Beer

What a crazy 18 months it’s been! There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to have you reaching for the bottle more regularly, wouldn’t you agree? 

Drinking the pain away is certainly not a new idea but, after a while, what started out as a means of comforting yourself or winding down after a particularly stressful day has become something else entirely - and before you know it, you’re drinking each and every night, and waking up feeling lethargic, irritable and unmotivated. Not what anyone wants!

While a lot of stuff is still very much up in the air about the pandemic and covid, you can actually make yourself a lot more resilient in times of trouble if you stay as sober as you possibly can. 

No one’s expecting you to go cold turkey, but what about trying to give up mid-week drinking as a start and then building up from there? Trying out alternatives like low alcohol beer can also help you bridge the gap until you break your reliance on the hard stuff.

However you decide to go about it, here are just a few of the amazing benefits you could reap for yourself if you do decide to quit drinking or even just reducing the amount you sup each week. Have a read!

Better sleep!

Who doesn’t want to get a full seven or eight hours of unbroken sleep each night? That’s the dream, right? But alcohol gets in the way of that by disrupting your sleep cycle and making you spend less time in the rapid eye movement stage, which is when our bodies restore themselves.

Better skin

Want to look as fresh as a daisy for as long as you can? Ditching the booze can help you with this, since alcohol can cause inflammation, dehydration, broken capillaries on the face and nose, and reduced collagen levels… so fine lines and wrinkles will start appearing before you know it.

Better immunity

Living through a major health crisis, it makes sense to try and keep your immune system in excellent working order. Alcohol can get in the way of this, stopping your immune system from producing those all-important white blood cells that keep germs and bacteria at bay.

More energy

Want to attack the day? Then steer clear of the beer, as being hungover saps your energy and leaves you feeling listless, tired and uninterested in the world around you. Who wants to lose more time to feeling rubbish? Give yourself a week or two away from the sauce and see just how much energy you have!

More money

And, of course, let’s face it - drinking is an expensive hobby! Even if you’re at home and not in the pub, the costs soon add up. Why not put the money you would spend on alcohol each week into a piggy bank and see what you could do with it at the end of each month? You might be surprised at how much you’ve been spending!

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