Celebrate The Jubilee Weekend Without A Drink

Celebrate The Jubilee Weekend Without A Drink - UNLTD. Beer

When Buckingham Palace announced the Platinum Jubilee celebrations would be delayed from February to June, it was like they knew all everyone was going to want to do over the four-day weekend is have barbecues, throw street parties and enjoy patriotic summer fairs. While this might sound great if you like an alcoholic tipple, it could be a bit intimidating for those who have ditched booze for good.

However, you don’t need to get tipsy to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne. Here are our tips on how to enjoy Jubilee celebrations completely sober.


  • BYOB

Don’t turn up to a barbecue or party empty handed, as this will make it harder to avoid alcohol or awkward when you are offered a drink by the host. Instead, bring your own bottle so you have something to hand while the other guests are sipping on their cocktails.

If you bring along a few non-alcoholic beers that you love, you also know you’ll be enjoying your drink as much as everyone else, so you won’t feel left out.


  • Throw a street party

Why not be the one who organises the street party yourself? Having to arrange the whole thing will give you a great reason not to drink, particularly after Samsung Electronics Co Ltd revealed getting drunk is the biggest faux pas when it comes to street parties.

More than a third of people think being drunk is bad form, ahead of not clearing up (31 per cent), letting children or pets run riot (28 per cent), and not watching language (27 per cent).

Leading etiquette expert and coach William Hanson, who teamed up with Samsung Electronics for the survey, stated: “You will be in the company of all ages, from children through to elderly neighbours, so manners and best behaviour is a must.”


  • Focus on the food

Parties wouldn’t feel the same without crisps, sausage rolls and cheese straws. However, there is a great opportunity to really go to town when hosting a Jubilee event, so much so that guests will definitely forget about the booze.

Party planner Johnny Roxburgh, who has planned an event for 2,000 people at Buckingham Palace in the past, told Daily Mail readers to consider serving a traditionally British menu for the historic occasion.

“Coronation chicken is something every living soul loves,” he stated, while Charlotte Boston, managing director of Cornwall Manor, agrees authentic English dishes will be a hit.

“Then it’s the Eton mess and Victoria sponge for pudding. All the things that scream pretty, fresh, English garden party,” she stated.

Other delicious recipes include a big bowl of strawberries with fresh double cream, a whole side of salmon, trifles, quiches and giant pork pies.


  • Booze-free cocktails

Turning down Pimm’s or fancy cocktails might be difficult for some people, which is why you should come armed with your own exciting non-alcoholic mocktail recipe.

There are so many refreshing fruity drinks you can make, from raspberry and rosewater cordial with sparkling water to summer cup mocktail, made from mint, frozen berries, lemonade and cucumber.

Rhubarb cordial, made with rhubarb, root ginger, caster sugar, lemon and orange juices, has the best of British flavours, and is a great choice to alternate with your booze-free beer this bank holiday weekend.

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