Tips For Planning A Sober Curious Wedding

Tips For Planning A Sober Curious Wedding - UNLTD. Beer

If you are planning on tying the knot this year or next, no doubt you are already deep in preparations. For many couples, the big day would be unthinkable without a couple of glasses of something cold and fizzy. However, there is a growing trend for those drinks to be alcohol-free. So what’s behind the change, and how do you plan a boozeless wedding?

Of course, the decision to serve alcohol or not may be dependent on your cultural or religious background, the medical history of some of the guests, or simply to save costs. But is there a way of being mindful of those who don’t drink, while also not scaring away those who enjoy a good booze up from attending your wedding?

There is a growing trend, especially among millennials, to be ‘sober-curious’. This differs from being fully teetotal, in that sober curious individuals simply think more before they drink alcohol. It means not automatically following the crowd on a night out, or ordering that weekend bottle of wine with the rest of the supermarket shop.

According to Hitched, 11% of couples are considering having a dry wedding, and a further 23% of couples described themselves as sober or sober curious. However, another 50% of respondents said they would not be happy to attend a dry event. There are ways to help everyone drink more mindfully if a booze-free bash is not a realistic option.

Make sure there are plenty of alternatives to alcohol available, and not just sodas and juices. For example, you could serve mocktails as reception drinks. Research the best non alcoholic beers to stock at the bar, and make sure that the alcohol-free drink menu is displayed prominently.

Have plenty of water or soda stations sited around the venue, as an alternative to the bar. This will encourage guests to stay hydrated between drinks, meaning they will be more likely to avoid a bad hangover the next day.

A temperance bar that sells alcohol free options is another good idea. There are so many excellent substitutes for spirits, beer, and wine these days, which your guests may not have experienced yet. It is likely that they will be pleasantly surprised at just how great they taste!

If you fancy it, you could design a signature wedding mocktail, or even ask a mixologist to put one together for you. This will encourage even the most determined boozers to try at least one alternative beverage! A well designed mocktail can taste just as intense and sophisticated as an alcoholic version.

If wine is being served with dinner, you could set aside a table for non-drinkers. This may be especially helpful if you have guests who remain sober because of former addiction, or don’t drink because of their religious beliefs. Teetotallers often feel more comfortable around others who don’t drink.

One further advantage of a sober wedding to remind your guests about is that they can drive to and from the venue. This means that they can potentially save money on booking overnight accommodation, or relying on taxis or public transport to get home.

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