The Most Bafflingly Awful Beers Ever Sold

The Most Bafflingly Awful Beers Ever Sold - UNLTD. Beer

There is no accounting for taste, especially in the beer world, and for the most part, the beauty of a beer is on the lips of the beholder.

Whether you opt for a delicious craft ale or carefully made low-calorie beer, most beers will have people who love them, and that is part of the reason why beers are so popular and such a fascinating drink to enjoy.

However, some beers have been sold which are so baffling in concept and so wretched in execution that it becomes exceedingly difficult to see who in the world could possibly enjoy it.

With that in mind, here are some of the most bafflingly bad beers ever placed on store shelves.


Ghost Face Killah

Named by and for the famed member of the Wu-Tang Clan, this beer is billed as the ‘hottest beer’ outside of hell itself, and given the use of six different types of chilli pepper including the ghost pepper, that may not be far off.

Whilst a small amount of chilli can help sharpen and bring out unique flavours in a beer, much in the same way chilli brings out the flavour of dark chocolate, in this case, it is designed to be both eye-watering and face-melting in flavour.

Much like other extreme chilli flavours, there may be an audience for the sheer heat of it, but for many people, it will be nothing but unpleasant.


Pizza Beer

Given that there is a lot of pizza-themed novelty foods and drinks out there, including pizza soft drinks, it perhaps should not be surprising that there is a beer brewed with tomato, garlic, basil and oregano available to buy.

It is also not surprising that these flavours together are intolerably awful and the end product tastes like fizzy tomato juice.


The Order Of Yoni

At some point, beer companies figured out that you could in theory use yeast produced in the human body to brew beer, which has led to some truly bizarre beverages.

Whilst Rogue Beard, cultivated by yeast from the beard of Brewmaster John Maier is more of a curiosity than anything else, the other beer made from human yeast was rather less pleasant.

The Order Of Yoni, fermented using yeast from the underwear of Czech supermodels was part of an infamously disastrous IndieGoGo campaign which generated 1 per cent of its £126,000 target, but so many questions about why it exists and who would even want such a drink.

The combination of a surreal premise, the relatively limited appeal of sour beers and the truly nonsensical marketing meant that it was perhaps destined for failure.


Hvalur 2

Described as one of the most controversial beers ever brewed, Hvalur 2 is an Icelandic ale brewed using water, barley, berry hops… and whale testicles smoked with sheep droppings.

Whilst the smoking technique had been used for centuries due to a lack of trees in Iceland, it adds a meaty, smoked taste to the beer that is not entirely pleasant.

A very similar beer made in Colorado called Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, used bull testicles and was originally created as a joke.

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