We are delighted to announce that UNLTD. beer is the official sponsor of Sober Spring 2023, in partnership with Alcohol Change UK.

On average, it takes 66 days to break a habit. So, be honest, who is back to their ‘one too many’ ways of old since Dry January? I know I am. This is why, in 2018, author of “The joy of being Sober” Catherine Gray started Sober Spring.

Sober Spring is a three-month alcohol-sabbatical running from 20th March – 20th June. It’s completely free and best of all there is a handy app to help you along your way. From tracking your units, calories and money saved to providing tips and resources, Try Dry app truly is your best AF friend.

But, Hey! You over there! Yes you. With the hen do coming up in May.. and you, with the trip to Ibiza booked and already packed for. Sober Spring is an inclusive community for the sober curious, not the fun police. So if you’re looking to cut out or just cut down, come and join us in the challenge.

Just click on this link to sign up and why not treat yourself to 20% off while you’re here? Use code SOBER20 at the checkout.