Why Alcohol-Free Beer Is The Drink For Summer 2023

Why Alcohol-Free Beer Is The Drink For Summer 2023

With the summer right around the corner and the sun starting to creep through the clouds, many people are wondering what the best way to sit and spend a sunny Saturday night is.

While many would flock to pub gardens, bars or a friend's garden for a drink and a laugh, they are almost guaranteed a ruined Sunday. Hangovers are the worst, especially when it's warm, so doing all you can to avoid them is the best way to ensure you enjoy your whole weekend.

Alcohol-free beer is the perfect way to enjoy your summer nights without facing a hangover the next day. Enjoying a cold beer in the sun is something which can’t be replaced, but choosing a low zero-percent alcohol option is a great way to still have a refreshing pint without the booze.

Many people choose to drink alcohol simply because they enjoy the taste, rather than the sensation of being drunk. This means that alcohol-free options are a great choice as they allow you to enjoy a beer for what it tastes like, instead of simply just to get drunk.

The lack of alcohol means you can enjoy spending time with your friends and family night after night without having to feel unwell or tired from a hangover.

Your body will also thank you, as it won’t be spending summer trying to filter alcohol out of your body. Instead, you'll stay hydrated, headache free and up for another night of fun straight away.

Alcohol-free options are also a great way to be more inclusive. You may have friends or family who can’t or don’t drink for a variety of different personal, medical or religious reasons.

By choosing to drink low or no-alcohol drinks, you are allowing them to enjoy their time socialising without feeling left out or different.

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