What Happens When You Quit Drinking?

What Happens When You Quit Drinking? - UNLTD. Beer

Have you ever met the beer monkey? He ruffles your hair, steals all your money and poops in your mouth… not the actions of a particularly great friend, we can probably all agree.

If you’ve been thinking that now’s the time to put that pesky monkey back in his cage but you don’t want to stop being sociable or enjoying the actual taste of beer, what about trying out alcohol-free beer as an alternative?

Ditching the booze can be tricky, particularly if all your friends like a jar or several, but it brings with it all sorts of wonderful benefits, everything from no more hangovers (praise be!) and better mental health to improved energy levels, better sleep, better skin, potential weight loss… and more money in your back pocket, to name but a few.

Those are just the short-term benefits, of course, and the longer you go without a drink in your hand, the more good you’re doing for your future self. Cutting back or going teetotal reduces your risk of getting certain types of cancer, as well as reducing the likelihood of developing liver disease.

Even if you’re not a hugely heavy drinker, you might experience a few withdrawal symptoms, so ready yourself for these. They can include bad dreams, irritability, feeling shaky, trouble sleeping and poor concentration.

Going cold turkey can be pretty difficult, so if you want to ease yourself into the sweet world of sobriety, low alcohol beverages can help you make the transition. Before you know it, you’ll be sober and super with it!

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