UNLTD Wins Most Promising New Business Award!

UNLTD Wins Most Promising New Business Award! - UNLTD. Beer

Alcohol-free brewing company UNLTD. Beer - from The Alcohol Free Brewing Company - cleaned up in spectacular fashion at this year’s Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce annual business awards, taking home the Most Promising New Business award.

The ceremony itself was held at the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden - also known as the home of Harry Potter! UNLTD received glowing praise for its low-calorie nutritious beers, which are low in sugar but rich in vitamins B6 and B12, as well as being vegan and gluten-free.

The brand launched during the pandemic, with founder Johnny Johnson coming up with the concept after realising just how many positive benefits there were to giving up drinking in terms of his mental and physical health… the only downside, in fact, was missing the taste of beer!

UNLTD was born out of a desire to create an alternative to alcohol that tasted delicious, was nutritionally beneficial and easily available for anyone out having a good time.

Johnny said: “We are extremely delighted and grateful to be awarded this prestigious award. Our beers have won numerous awards for their taste and design but this is our first business recognition award and one which shows the promise of our exciting new business.”

And CEO of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Briege Leahy commented: “This is a growing sector and the business seems well placed to take advantage. There is lots of great potential. UNLTD’s branding is slick and the product is inviting. I am keen to try it!”

To make the alcohol-free beer, UNLTD uses a brewing technique where the alcohol content never exceeds 0.5 per cent ABV, which is the best way to keep as much beer flavour as possible.

And there’s no chance of getting drunk when drinking beverages of this strength. For added perspective, orange juice can naturally contain 0.5 per cent ABV as well… but do you feel tipsy at breakfast time each day?

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