Top Non-Alcoholic Drinks For The Festive Season

Top Non-Alcoholic Drinks For The Festive Season - UNLTD. Beer

The Halloween costumes have been put away, which means one thing – holidays are coming! It won’t be long until we’re cosying up in our Christmas jumpers and smelling the aroma of mince pies, gingerbread and cinnamon everywhere we go. So, if you want to get prepared for the festive season, here are some great non-alcoholic drinks you need to stock up on.


  • Alcohol-free beer

While many people associate Christmas with boozy drinks, there are lots of reasons why some choose not to have alcohol over the festive period – whether they are the designated driver, don’t want a sore head on Boxing Day, or simply wish to stay healthy throughout the busy season.

However, this doesn’t mean they have to miss out on their favourite foods and drinks that conjure up feelings of Yuletide merriness. That’s why buying a supply of alcohol-free beer is a great idea, and one which many friends and family who visit over the period will appreciate.

Have a bottle or two to offer guests, whatever their dietary preferences are, as these beers are not only free of alcohol, but also low in sugar, low in carbs, gluten-free and vegan. What’s there not to like?


  • Mulled wine spices

Whenever people think of mince pies, mulled wine springs to mind. But you don’t need to get sozzled to enjoy a festive dessert, and there are plenty of alcohol-free mulled punches available these days.

You could even simply buy mulled wine spices and make your own by adding them to cranberry juice.

Alternatively, BBC Good Food has a tasty recipe that involves mixing pomegranate juice, sugar, blackberries and apple juice in a saucepan and gently heating this with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, peppercorns and an orange. Once it is warmed up, just strain into glasses and serve to chilled friends as they visit.


  • Non-alcoholic Irish cream

There are many other drinks that are frequently enjoyed over the festive season, whether your favourite tipple is port or whisky, sparkling wine or Amaretto.

However, one that is often purchased in abundance over Christmas has to be Baileys. In fact, last December marked the sale of its two billionth bottle – that’s how much we love the creamy tipple.

That doesn’t mean you have to indulge in booze to enjoy its flavours though, as you can easily make your own alcohol-free version. Taste of Home suggests blending evaporated milk, whipping cream, milk, sugar, chocolate syrup, coffee granules, and vanilla and almond extract together until smooth. Once it has been refrigerated, pour some brewed coffee in a glass and stir in some of the mixture.


  • Mocktails

If you’re hosting a Christmas party and want to treat guests to a festive mocktail, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Town And Country Magazine recommends Apple Cranberry Spritzer, Seedlip Spice Sour, Lamplighter Inn, Holiday Mule, Apple Barley Old Fashioned and non-alcoholic Egg Nog as some tasty and healthy choices this winter, full of the quintessential Christmas spices and flavours.

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