How To Survive ‘Quitter’s Day’ This Dry January

How To Survive ‘Quitter’s Day’ This Dry January

More than 130,000 people ditched alcohol when they took part in Dry January 2022, with this year’s figures expected to be even higher. However, many of those who have committed themselves to staying sober for the month are likely to struggle as the days and weeks go on, which is why these tips could help with your sober journey. 

This Friday (January 13th) is known as Quitter’s Day, as it is when most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions. 

According to Strava, 80 per cent of people who make lifestyle changes for the new year fail to continue past the second Friday in January, largely as a result of the resolution being overly ambitious and too difficult to stick to. 

Many people may find giving up alcohol a far more difficult task than they had initially recognised, particularly if they plan to carry on with their social activities or do not have a strategy on how to cope with cravings. 

Alcohol Change, the charity behind Dry January, recommends partaking in mindfulness activities to build up resilience and determination. 

It advised: “Every time you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself, make a mental comment – ‘Oh, I just put myself down,’ or, ‘I just told myself I won’t manage a dry month,’ or ‘I brushed aside that compliment.’”

Participants were told to notice their thoughts and move on, becoming more aware of how much they sabotage their progress and downplay their achievements. 

When it comes to abstaining when socialising, you could limit yourself to one hour, giving yourself permission to leave if you feel uncomfortable. Have an exit strategy so you can go on your own terms. 

It is also a good idea to organise social events yourself, so they are not focused around drinking. For instance, you could plan a cinema trip or go for coffee instead. 

If you are among the hundreds of thousands taking part in Dry January this year, you’ll be able to choose from a wide choice of non-alcoholic beers these days, which will help you stick to your goal

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