How To Stick To Dry January

How To Stick To Dry January

With a new year just around the corner, no doubt there are many people out there considering ditching the booze for Dry January. 

Giving up all drinking for the month is often easier said than done, especially when you think that January often feels like a really long, grey month, but going sober - even if it’s just for four weeks - can deliver all sorts of health benefits and help refresh you after the festive madness in December.

Sticking to your goals can certainly be tricky but there are ways in which you can go about maximising your chances of success. To help you achieve your Dry January ambitions, here are some top tips from the team here at UNLTD. Enjoy!

Tell people

It can be easier to stick to your sobriety goals if other people know that’s what you’re trying to do. They’ll then be able to support you and help you as the weeks go on, as well as not putting you in the path of temptation. You may even inspire friends and family to join in.

Plan booze-free events

Staying out of temptation’s way can be very useful at the beginning when your resolve may not be as strong. If you’re an avid pub-goer, for example, you may want to find other activities in January that don’t involve drinking. 

Perhaps take up a new hobby like bouldering on a Friday night, or perhaps plan long walks in the countryside with friends and family on Saturdays so you aren’t tempted to have a wild night at the start of the weekend.

Cut down now

With just a few days to go before January rolls around, why not get the jump on the dry month by cutting your booze intake now? This can make it easier to take January on without a drink in hand and won’t make it quite such a shock if you’re used to drinking every night.

Treat yourself

At the end of each week, why don’t you consider spending the money you would have splurged on alcohol on a different sort of treat for yourself? Or you could save the money up each week and really spoil yourself at the end of the month.

Check in with yourself

As the days and weeks go by, ask yourself how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. Are you feeling more active and energetic? Are you sleeping better? Do you feel more resilient? Alcohol can have a big impact on our overall sense of wellbeing, often without us realising, so taking the time to check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling without drink could help spur you on.

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