This October marks 10 years since the original ‘month off the booze’ began. Back in October 2010, Australian non-profit “Life Education” started “Ocsober”, an annual tradition that has grown in numbers and gained the attention of our beloved cancer charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. 

We’ve put together some top tips to help you this Sober October, in support of Macmillan cancer support.

  • Make it count: Sign up to a 14, 21 or 31 day challenge with Sober October. Not only will you gain the health benefits of ditching the booze, you will also make a massive difference to the lives of people with cancer.
  • Strength in numbers: Having your friends on side is an important factor when ditching the booze. Why not get them to take part with you and take on the challenge together?
  • Take it one day at a time: Don’t focus on the whole 31 days, just take a look at the week ahead and make plans accordingly. You’ll be amazed by how proud you can be of the little wins each week, like switching out the beer/wine with the Sunday roast to an alcohol-free alternative.
  • Take advantage of your extra time: Want to shift some of your lockdown weight or start a new hobby? Now is your time! It’s amazing how much time you get back when you drop the booze.
  • Give yourself a break: Don’t worry if you slip up and have a cheeky beer or wine after a long day at work, just don’t let it be the end of your challenge. Use Macmillan’s ‘Golden Ticket’ and hop straight back on the sober train. Don’t forget to donate a £15 penalty to your fund!
  • Make new friends to “soberlise” with: There are some amazing online communities supporting going sober, you can easily make some new friends to help you along the way. Why not join One Year No Beer and their amazing group?
  • Find an alternative: Don’t replace the booze with a sugary soft drink, take this opportunity to find your new favourite AF tipple! There are so many great alternatives on the market it would be crazy not to. Why not start with a case of UNLTD. Alcohol Free Lager?
  • Be Uber helpful: Become the designated “dry-ver” for the month. Your passengers could even donate the money they save from taxi’s into your “Macmillan Go Sober Fund”.
  • Share your new Soberhero status: Don’t go sober in silence, tell all your friends about the amazing work you’re doing for Macmillan Cancer Support and share your fundraising pages to get as many donations as you can.

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