Our IPA is almost ready...

The wait is almost over for our much anticipated IPA...

IPA has (nearly) hit its UNLTD potential…

As another month of lockdown passes, so does the wait for UNLTD’s much anticipated IPA. But, we always have said, we will only put the brand name to the very best recipes and quality drinks, however long they take. There are three elements we have to perfect: The taste, the health benefits, and that ‘cold beer’ feeling when you get home from a long day, or head to the bar. We are excited to say that the new UNLTD alcohol free IPA is getting very close, and we are now able to share some confirmed details…

What will it look like?

We’re giving our award-winning design a little tweak to represent the golden-hued goodness inside and topping it off with a golden U. cap because we believe it will come first place amongst its bitter rivals. You have told us you love the award-winning design and premium feel of our lager so this will be extended as we grow the range. The two designs will stand side by side along with the lager and IPA drinker.

What will it taste like?

Unlike the hint of honey and caramel found in our lager, this delicious IPA will pack a punch with hints of pine, moreish hop flavours of citrus and grapefruit and a dash of vanilla sweetness. Full tasting notes are being finalised, and we will ask our loyal customers to take part in taste tests just before we launch.

What will it do for me?  

As we finalise the IPA, we still have the opportunity to see how low we can go with the calories and having one last test brew to see just how many vitamins we can pack in. At UNLTD we’re dedicated to bringing you not only an alcohol-free beer to enjoy, but a great tasting, healthy premium beer you look forward to.

Let us know if you want us to let you know as soon as the bottles hit the shelves!

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