Creating The Ultimate Alcohol Free Beer

A search to find an AF beer that tasted as good as a full strength beer was a real battle. Was it that hard to make an alcohol free beer that didn't compromise on flavour? We couldn't find one, so we made one!

The near impossible journey began with the mother of all hangovers! There had to be a way to enjoy sinking beers, without the ridiculous side effects and endless suffering the next morning.

So there we were, staring down one of the biggest challenges ever known to man-kind... Creating the ultimate alcohol free beer.

We wanted to prove that beer can be both tasty and healthy.

Our criteria was strict to say the least

  • Full flavour, no compromise
  • No more than 0.5% ABV
  • Real craft beer, no mass produced, big budgeted, corporate controlled... you get the picture
  • Low carb, low calorie
  • Packed with additional benefits, like vitamins and minerals
  • Premium British ingredients, brewed and bottled in Britain
  • Vegan

This beer was sounding too good to be true!

UNLTD. Craft Beer Brewing

We went to endless efforts to test and perfect the best beer we could. Our master brewer has literally mastered the art of craft beer brewing for full flavour without the alcohol.

UNLTD. only uses the highest quality British ingredients, we don't compromise so that you get a premium product every time.

Unlike many other alcohol free beers who extract the alcohol after the brewing process, UNLTD. uses a brewing technique where the alcohol content never exceeds 0.5% ABV. We think this is the best way to keep as much flavour as possible. We also like our beer unfiltered, as it makes all the difference in creating real and full, layered flavours.

If this isn't making you thirsty, we don't know what will!

Beer lovers, we present to you... UNLTD.

We think we did the impossible, it's the ultimate alcohol free beer in our eyes and we hope you love it too.

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