Reach Your Unlimited Potential Going Alcohol Free

We all absolutely love beer, that's not hard to agree on! But the after-taste a drinking session may leave is not to the same palate. Not to mention the long term effects on your body after drinking endless amounts of delicious liquids. How can we find a balance?

For most of us, drinking alcohol is just a part of life. We drink at social gatherings, we drink to celebrate, we drink to commiserate, we even drink at home. Sometimes we drink to get drunk, other times we just want a nice refreshing cold beer to relax, but do we really know how just a couple of beers can affect us?

Alcohol can have a tonne of unwanted side effects on the body. Alcohol is high in calories, which can result in weight gain. It's dehydrating. It can have a negative effect on mental health, and also effects your sleep. The list is endless. Alcohol is known to effect your concentration, judgement, mood and memory.

More seriously, drinking alcohol can increase your risk of stroke, increase blood pressure, increase the risk of stomach and bowel cancer, and reduce fertility.

Drink clean with UNLTD. Alcohol Free Craft Beer

So how can we eliminate the negatives of beer and start drinking positive?

Your body associates the smell and flavour of full strength beer with an alcohol free beer which in turn still produces the dopamine that makes you feel good when you drink a beer. You'll get all the good feelings and none of the bad!

Drinking alcohol free beer obviously helps you reduce your alcohol intake, but there's some impressive benefits to be gained!

·     May help to reduce the risk of heart disease

·     Improves sleep

·     Assists in bone growth

·     Reduces the risk of illness

UNLTD. is also rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12, folic acid, potassium, iron and zinc. Its a great way to get some goodness in!

At only 23 calories, UNLTD. Alcohol Free Lager has a lot less calories than normal beer. Swapping a pint of 4.5% ABV beer will be saving you the same amount of calories as six teaspoons of sugar.

While you don't have to quit alcohol completely, reaching for UNLTD. is great if you do want to have a day off or need to pace your night. You're in control.

With UNLTD. you can still enjoying drinking, but also enjoy the benefits of an alcohol free beer and use these positive changes to reach your UNLTD. potential.

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