Benefits of our Black bottle

The story behind the black bottle...

We’re not just about looks over at UNLTD. HQ, we care what’s underneath too. So, if you’re wondering how we came to choose our synonymous black bottle… Here are our 3 reasons why:

Protecting the taste:

How can UNLTD.'s black bottle protect the taste of their 0.5% beer I hear you ask? Well, we already know that ultraviolet light can be quite a bully. When food absorbs light, it can cause deterioration and in liquids, light can cause unwanted chemical reactions that can spoil the drink, or ultimately change its chemical composition. Beer contains amino acids, which break down when exposed to light and also develops a pungent odour and flavour. Which is exactly why we use black glass to protect our precious alcohol-free beer from that pesky UV damage.

Protecting the planet:

UNLTD. bottles are 100% recyclable. To be recycled, glass has to be collected separately in order to retain its original colour and be given a second life. So, when you’re finished your latest lockdown projects and heading to the local recycling centre, don’t forget to take your box of empty UNLTD’.s with you too, and reunite them with their amber bottled buddies.

Protecting your style:

Not only are our black bottles good for the beer and good for the environment, but they look pretty cool too. Ok, ok, we said we’re not all about looks but with its high gloss finish and premium feel, you can’t help but spot us in the crowd and take a second look. So, when our beloved bars reopen, and you spot us in the fridges, you can know you’re not only choosing one of the best alcohol-free beers, but you will feel the best version of yourself too. Let’s face it, it’s been a long year - you deserve it.

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